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Charlottesville Amputations Attorney

Covering a Lifetime of Costs after an Amputation

Losing a limb can permanently alter our clients’ lives. In addition to the emotional distress men and women feel, they also face a lifetime of medical expenses that they could not have planned for. Many are also unable to work going forward, so they suffer a drop in income as well.

At MichieHamlett, our team has fought for fair compensation when our clients suffer an amputation in an accident. Our Charlottesville amputation attorneys will review whether you have a legal claim and the best steps for receiving money for your injuries.

Accidents that Result in an Amputation

Our clients lose limbs in a variety of accidents, including:

  • Car crashes
  • Construction site accidents
  • Defective products
  • Medical errors
  • Dog bites
  • Workplace accidents
  • Burn injuries

Sometimes, the traumatic impact caused by a crash or explosion is sufficient to rip a limb from a client. In most accidents, however, a limb must be amputated as a result of a crush injury or an infection. Doctors do not amputate limbs lightly, but sometimes it is necessary to preserve a patient’s life.

Medical Costs: Ongoing and Expensive

The surgery to remove a limb is only the start of the medical costs that an amputee can incur. Over the years, an amputee might need additional surgeries to deal with infection, stump pain, or chafing. Sometimes the remaining limb must be amputated further due to necrosis.

When a person loses both arms or both legs, they could need at-home assistance or prosthetics, all of which is expensive. These costs will continue for the rest of the amputee’s life.

Fortunately, our attorneys can seek future medical expenses as part of any settlement. But these costs cannot be too speculative. Instead, we will rely on expert help to correctly estimate the cost of your future medical care with a reasonable degree of certainty.

Lost Wages & Amputation

The loss of a hand, arm, leg or foot can force a person to quit their job. Someone who stocks shelves, for example, must find new work after losing an arm. A security guard might be unable to continue if confined to a wheelchair.

In the typical personal injury case, our clients can receive damages to make up for any wages lost while recovering. With our amputee clients, however, many will never return to work. For that reason, we seek compensation for future lost earnings capacity as well.

Emotional Distress & Pain

Losing a limb is an emotionally traumatic experience. Many clients struggle with depression, anxiety, flashbacks, and withdrawal. Many also experience pain in the phantom limb—a real phenomenon.

This emotional fallout is understandable. Many amputees make bold recoveries, but they can still experience important losses. For example, a woman who has lost her arms cannot lift her grandchild any longer. She might never play her favorite hobbies like golf and tennis.

Amputees should receive a fair amount of money to try and compensate for these losses. True, they are not economic in nature (like lost wages or medical bills). But they still warrant compensation under personal injury law.

Call an Amputation Lawyer in Charlottesville Today

MichieHamlett will gladly review the details of your amputation injury to determine whether you can sue. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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