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Virginia Attorneys > Charlottesville Brain Injury Treatment Attorney

Charlottesville Brain Injury Treatment Attorney

Given time and treatment, broken bones and other injuries usually heal, at least for the most part. But brain injuries never heal. These injuries are permanent. Dead brain cells, unlike most other cells, never regenerate. Nevertheless, a combination of surgery and physical therapy usually effectively treats these injuries. These interventions reduce the symptoms and prevent the injury from getting worse.

The compassionate Charlottesville brain injury attorneys at MichieHamlett understand the intense pain and suffering these victims and their families must endure on a daily basis. So, we work hard to obtain fair compensation for these serious injuries. This compensation usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. Additional punitive damages are also available, in some extreme cases.

Surgical Treatment

Brain surgery sounds like a delicate and expensive procedure. Indeed, it is a delicate and expensive procedure. It’s also a necessary procedure.

Most injuries cause swelling. Brain injuries are the same. However, when something like an injured ankle swells up, it does not press against anything. When injured brains swell, they press against the skull. This pressure usually causes additional injuries.

To relieve this pressure, doctors often drill tiny holes in the head. This procedure sounds radical, but after a few weeks of recovery, the physical signs are barely noticeable.

A Charlottesville brain injury attorney addresses the aforementioned delicacy and affordability issues. Attorneys connect victims with doctors, even if they have no money or insurance. These doctors are not just general practice physicians. They are specialized doctors who focus on car crash and other injury victims.

Furthermore, a Charlottesville brain injury attorney usually sends a letter of protection to the treating physician. So, the physician usually agrees to defer billing until the end of the case. So, instead of worrying about medical bills, victims can just concentrate on getting better.

Physical Therapy

Surgery itself is only part of the care for a brain injury. To get their lives back, these victims also need physical therapy.

Normally, physical therapists strengthen existing muscles and help patients regain full range of motion. Brain injury physical therapy is different. These professionals must gradually train uninjured areas of the brain to assume lost functions. This process is long, and progress is uneven. As a result, many insurance companies try to pull the plug financially.

A Charlottesville brain injury attorney advocates for these victims in these situations. The latest scientific evidence strongly suggests that the longer therapy lasts, the better the results are. So, an attorney must convince an insurance company to keep the money flowing. Doctors and therapists usually back up these claims.

Brain injury physical therapy should continue until an independent medical professional says the victim has reached maximum medical improvement. An insurance company doctor is not qualified to give this opinion.

After physical therapy ends, these victims usually need medical devices, occupational therapy to learn a new skill, or physical alterations to their living spaces. Attorneys arrange for these things as well.

Supporting a Family Member with a Brain Injury

The first thing to understand about supporting a family member with a brain injury is that, in most cases, the injury was not that person’s fault. Someone else’s negligence, or lack of care, usually causes brain injuries and other such injuries. Legal actions do not “blame” people for these injuries. Rather, legal actions provide closure, so the necessary emotional support can truly begin.

The dedicated Charlottesville brain injury attorneys at MichieHamlett do much more than provide closure for victims. They also obtain fair compensation for these serious injuries. Victims and their families need this compensation to move on with their lives and put the injury behind them. So, there is a strong relationship between financial support and emotional support, particularly with regard to brain injuries.

Emotional Support

The first step in this process is often the most difficult one. First, you must release the negligent party which caused your loved one’s brain injury. Blaming someone else does not help your loved one heal. Harboring anger toward someone else is even worse. Sooner or later, and usually sooner, this negative emotion overpowers any positive emotions you feel.

This release is only emotional. The negligent party is legally and financially responsible for the injury. Let a Charlottesville brain injury attorney handle these things.

Research into your loved one’s condition is important as well. There are different kinds of brain injuries. These victims have different pathways to recovery. This research should be both formal and informal. In addition to reviewing scholarly journals and studies, talk to brain injury survivors and learn from them.

Patience is almost as important as release. When people break their arms or suffer other such injuries, physical therapy might not last more than a few weeks. At that point, the person is almost 100 percent better. Brain injuries are different. Physical therapy could last for years. Even after such extensive therapy, life will never be the same for these victims or their loved ones.

All these things make it easier to empathize with brain injury victims. Try to understand what they are going through, and try to help them as best you can. Know when to do things for them, and know when to let them be independent.

Practical Support

Emotional support is important, but it means very little without practical support. Family members and friends provide needed emotional support. A partnership with a Charlottesville brain injury attorney usually provides the needed practical support.

This practical support usually involves medical bill payment and compensation that helps victims put the incident behind them.

Brain injury-related medical expenses usually exceed $100,000. Attorneys arrange for victims to get the treatment they need, usually at no upfront cost. As a bonus, attorneys negotiate with providers and often convince them to lower their bills. That could mean the victim gets to keep more of the settlement money.

No amount of money can truly compensate for a serious brain injury. But no one can turn back the hands of time and reverse the incident which caused the injury. So, financial compensation is the next best thing.

Count On a Diligent Charlottesville Brain Injury Attorney

A combination of surgery and therapy often effectively treats head injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced Traumatic Brain Injury lawyer in Charlottesville, contact MichieHamlett. Home, virtual, and hospital visits are available.

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