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Charlottesville Foreign Object Attorney

If you’ve been scheduled for a surgery, it’s normal to feel a bit of apprehension and concern about the process. Surgery can be scary, and a positive outcome is never guaranteed. In most cases, though, surgeons are careful and precise. What can be shocking, though, is learning that a foreign object has been left within a patient post-surgery. While this may sound too crazy to be true, this type of surgical error happens far more often than it should. If you’ve been the victim of a foreign object surgical error, you need an aggressive attorney on your side. Call the law office of MichieHamlett directly today for the support you need.

Types of Foreign Objects Left During Surgery and Complication

When an invasive procedure takes place, it is possible for foreign objects to be retained by the body. Common types of objects that may be left within a patient include:

  • Medical sponges;
  • Medical cotton swabs and gauze;
  • Medical tools and surgical equipment;
  • Small pieces of plastic or metal that were part of the surgery, i.e. screws; and
  • Medical towels and other objects.

When a foreign object is left within a patient, the complications may be severe. Examples of complications include, but are not limited to:

  • Infection;
  • Organ perforation or puncture;
  • Obstructions;
  • Pain and discomfort;
  • The body’s rejection of the foreign object, leading to inflammation and other complications; and
  • Death in severe cases.

Causes of Foreign Object Errors

A foreign object should never be left within a patient and is a type of preventable error. Unfortunately, medical malpractice–the failure to exercise the required degree of care–often causes this type of surgical mistake. Examples of medical malpractice that result in foreign object errors include:

  • Communication errors between surgical staff;
  • Failure to complete a pre- and post-operation check;
  • Failure to account for all medical equipment and materials both before and after surgery;
  • Failure to double-check the surgical site for foreign objects before apply sutures;
  • Surgeon fatigue or impairment (including intoxication in some cases); and
  • Surgeon carelessness.

Your Rights When You’re the Victim of a Foreign Object Error

Having an object left within you during a surgery is completely unacceptable. In addition to medical complications such as infection, the risk of organ puncture, inflammation, pain, and more, you may also incur more medical expenses in order to have the problem corrected, suffer lost wages, and experience more emotional distress. When you have been the victim of a foreign object surgery error, you deserve to be compensated in full. By filing a claim for medical malpractice, you can seek damages for the full value of your losses and hold the surgeon or hospital responsible for the harm you’ve suffered.

Call Our Charlottesville Foreign Object Attorneys Today

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit can be intimidating, but you are not alone. When you choose the office of MichieHamlett, you’ll get support, guidance, and care from our experienced Charlottesville foreign object and surgical malpractice attorneys. Reach us today for a free consultation and the help you need.

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