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Charlottesville Fractures Attorney

Broken Bones Are Serious Injuries

A broken bone might not sound like a devastating injury, but they can be some of the most disabling that our clients suffer. Depending on the accident, our clients could spend months laid up in bed as they try to recover. Any complication could extend the recovery, costing our client valuable time and money.

If you have broken a bone, you probably have significant medical expenses and other financial losses. Contact a Charlottesville fracture lawyer to discuss your odds of receiving compensation.

Recovering from a Fracture

Fractures range from hairline cracks to major compound or comminuted fractures. The treatment you receive will depend on the location of the break, as well as the amount of force applied.

In some cases, a patient only needs a cast put on the affected limb and then they are on their way. The cast comes off when the bones fuse back together. However, a fracture on your foot or ankle could make it impossible to use the leg.

Other breaks require surgical intervention to get the pieces of bone lined up so they can properly fuse together. Many people need pins, plates, screws, or bolts inserted. This surgery can require additional downtime.

With a serious fracture, patients can suffer muscle atrophy because they have not been using the limb. They might need rehabilitation to strengthen their muscles and regain functioning. All of this treatment costs money, and it is not unusual for someone with a serious fracture to incur well over $50,000 in medical expenses.

Fracture Complications

We wish every broken bone healed easily on its own. However, fractures cause many complications including:

  • Infection. The wound in a compound fracture can become infected. Also, surgery can introduce an infection into the body.
  • Malunion. Bones that are not lined up properly will fuse in a crooked fashion. A doctor might need to break the bones again to re-set.
  • Bone loss and tissue death. The sharp ends of broken bones can slice through soft tissue, including blood vessels, which leads to excessive bleeding. Soft tissue and even bones can begin to die if deprived of blood.
  • Nerve damage and pain. Broken bones are painful, and a patient could suffer chronic pain as a result. Bony fragments could also slice through nerves or press against the spinal cord.
  • Bed sores. If you are laid up in bed, you can easily develop pressure sores if you are not turned enough.

These complications reduce a person’s quality of life and impede recovery. They might also necessitate additional surgeries or physical therapy.

Compensation for a Fracture

Our clients deserve the full complement of damages whenever someone else’s negligence harms them. To that end, we can seek damages for all reasonable medical care, including the cost of surgery and rehab. We also will seek damages for lost wages or income if your break keeps you from working.

Non-financial losses can also be significant. Fractures can lead directly to pain, inconvenience, depression, and social withdrawal. These losses warrant monetary compensation. Let us analyze the amount you can receive.

Speak with Our Fracture Attorney in Charlottesville

MichieHamlett offers a free consultation to discuss your Charlottesville fracture injury case. Call us today.

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