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Virginia Attorneys > Charlottesville Tire Defect Attorney

Charlottesville Tire Defect Attorney

Most people keep a close eye on vehicle maintenance matters, such as tire pressure and tire tread wear. That’s part of being a responsible vehicle owner. Yet there are some tire issues that pre-driving inspections cannot possibly detect. Defective tires usually have issues which are lurking just below the surface. Drivers usually have no idea that anything is wrong until the tire suddenly fails without warning.

The resulting loss of control crash often causes catastrophic injuries. Frequently, these victims do not survive these wrecks.

The compassionate Charlottesville defective tire attorneys at MichieHamlett understand how one of these crashes changes your life in the blink of an eye. So, whether the defective tire was on your vehicle or another vehicle, we fight hard to obtain the compensation and justice you deserve. Because of our commitment to these concepts, we are frequently able to settle these claims out of court.

Types of Tire Defects

Fundamentally, tires are defective because the manufacturers put profits before people. Instead of selling quality products that are safe and long lasting, many tire makers take dangerous shortcuts at some point prior to the point of sale. These shortcuts usually include:

  • Design Defect: Many manufacturers make tires which stand up very well in controlled, laboratory conditions. But the real world is much different. Virginia usually has hot summers and cold winters. The excessive wear and tear that extreme weather causes builds up over time. Some tires are not up to the task.
  • Manufacturing Defect: Sometimes, manufacturers replace quality components or parts with cheap components or parts. These substitutions often contribute to premature tire failure. Generally, tire makers are responsible for defects which occur at any point in the manufacturing and shipping process.

Frequently, tire makers try to conceal these defects, so they will not adversely affect sales. In these situations, additional punitive damages are usually available. Punitive damages strongly deter future wrongdoing and punish negligent companies. Without these additional damages, many tire makers would continue to put people at risk, if these risks increased their own profits.

Resolving a Defective Products Claim

Defective tires could possibly injure thousands of people. Because of the sheer size of these cases, courts often consolidate them, at least for pretrial purposes.

This consolidation significantly benefits victim/plaintiffs. There is essentially a domino effect. When one case settles, it creates momentum for other settlements. Additionally, many tire makers agree to create large settlement funds. Typically, only victims with legal actions pending at that time are eligible for financial compensation from these funds.

It is usually best to settle these claims out of court. A Charlottesville defective tire attorney is not just a good litigator. An attorney is also a good negotiator. At MichieHamlett, we know when to compromise and when to stand firm, so the settlement always protects your legal and financial rights.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

Defective tires often cause serious car crashes. For a free consultation with an experienced defective tire lawyer in Charlottesville, contact MichieHamlett. We have offices in Charlottesville and Roanoke.

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