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Virginia Attorneys > Charlottesville Truck Accident Attorney

Charlottesville Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial trucks run at all hours of the day in Virginia. These trucks haul goods around the nation, but many also move goods locally. Some of the more common trucks on the road include semi-trucks, dump trucks, and garbage trucks.

If you have been hurt in a truck accident, you need someone who understands the process for receiving compensation. The simple fact is that truck accidents are not like regular car wrecks. Without the right Charlottesville truck accident lawyer, you could receive less compensation than you are entitled to.

Determining Fault in a Trucking Accident

The key legal issue in a truck accident is fault. The party who is at fault for the wreck must pay compensation to victims. If our client is at fault, then they can lose out on the ability to sue, or they could receive far less on compensation. Fault is sometimes clear, but it is just as often in dispute.

When it comes to truck accidents, many entities could be at fault. For example, the driver could have been reckless or negligent. Driving too fast, tailgating, and driving while distracted or impaired are all common causes of truck accidents.

In other situations, the driver’s employer could be to blame. Trucking companies must properly screen, train, and supervise their employees. If they hired someone without a commercial driving license or they failed to perform required drug testing, then they could be at fault for your collision.

Other defendants can include the company that loaded cargo, a mechanic who did a poor job, or the truck manufacturer. Let a Charlottesville trucking accident lawyer review the facts to determine the correct defendant.

Types of Truck Accidents

The Only Charlottesville Truck Accident Lawyers to Call following a Wreck

The injuries our clients suffer in truck accidents often depends on the type of crash they endure. At our firm, we realize that every accident has unique features. Nevertheless, there are some common truck accidents we see over and over.


Large commercial trucks like big rigs sit high up off the ground. There is usually enough room underneath for a smaller passenger car to slide under if they are going fast enough. Unfortunately, the trailer will often peel the roof off the smaller vehicle like the lid off a sardine can, causing catastrophic injuries to those seated inside.

The federal government requires that trailers have underride guards on the back of the trailer, but cars can still slide underneath the side of the trailer where there are no bars. And weak or defective guards will fail. These accidents often cause terrible head and facial injuries, including death.


Large trucks need more time to stop than smaller, lighter vehicles. When they can’t stop in time, they can ride up onto a smaller car in front. Anyone seated in the back seat can be killed, and all occupants could be injured.

Override accidents have many causes, but trucker error is a key one. A trucker who is distracted, fatigued, impaired, or reckless can easily run over a smaller car. Defective brakes are also a cause.


Tractor-trailers have high centers of gravity, which means they are prone to tipping over. Imbalanced cargo, high winds, and turning at high speeds can also contribute to a rollover.

Motorists in nearby lanes can be crushed when the trailer flips onto its side and lands on top of them. Cargo can also come spilling out the back of the trailer and strike vehicles.

Tractor-trailers are not the only commercial vehicle that can roll over. We also see rollovers with dump trucks that have their box extended.


A trailer can swing out in a perpendicular angle and nail vehicles in adjacent lanes. This is a jackknife. There are many causes, including poor road conditions, speeding, and sudden driver movement. Other vehicles on the road can be struck or crushed.

Flying Cargo

Dump trucks have an open box in the back that holds material. Unfortunately, at high speeds, material can come flying out of the box and hit other vehicles on the road. Dump truck drivers should properly restrain the material, using a tarp if necessary, but some drivers fail to take necessary precautions. Any driver hit by debris could run off the road and suffer the full range of injuries.

Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts are common with big rigs, and we see shredded rubber tires on the highway every day. When a tire blows out, the driver can lose control and run over a nearby vehicle. Tire blowouts have many causes, including tire defects or inadequate maintenance on the vehicle. Victims can suffer terrible traumatic injuries, including fractures, spinal cord damage, and amputations.

Obtaining Helpful Evidence

Trucking accidents require more evidence than a regular car crash. Unfortunately, many injured victims don’t know how to find it, or they lack the time to properly track it down.

We can help. Our trucking accident lawyers can request the “black box” data from the big rig that hit you. This electronic data should identify how long the truck was in motion and any actions (such as braking) the driver took. A trucking company looking to escape liability has an incentive to “wipe” this data, so you must hire a lawyer who can move quickly to preserve it.

Other helpful evidence includes the truck driver’s own testimony and internal maintenance or employment records held in the possession of the trucking company.

Fighting for Fair Compensation

Truck companies send teams of investigators to fan out following a wreck to gather evidence. They have one goal—to shift liability for the wreck onto someone else, possibly even you. All injured victims need an advocate in their corner committed to obtaining fair compensation.

Our firm knows how to negotiate. We can build a strong case against the defendant and fully document your losses so that you are not stuck with unfair medical bills, car repairs, or lost wages. We can also argue that you deserve damages for pain and suffering and/or emotional distress.

Contact a Charlottesville Trucking Accident Lawyer

Truck companies begin building a defense within hours of a wreck. Please get the legal representation you need by contacting MichieHamlett today. Our trucking accident lawyers can quickly move to protect your right to compensation.

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