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Kool Smiles Sued Again After Toddler Death


We haven’t heard about these guys in a while, but a recent lawsuit filed against the company has identical allegations. This is a serious problem, so we need to provide a little background.

Kool Smiles is a franchised dental clinic that provides dental services to children. In the past, they have been sued over infant deaths revolving around “pulpectomies”. Pulpectomies are root canals that are done in infants or toddlers. Rarely is such an aggressive procedure required, and yet Kool Smiles recommends pulpectomies at a much higher rate than the industry standard. Why do they do that? Well, because they cost more and they can bill your insurance for as much money as possible. While most families will walk away thinking their children got the best medical care (they didn’t) some families have lost infants to the overly-dangerous procedure and the expensive recommendations of Kool Smiles.

Now, they are in the news again after another family reported that their child died after Kool Smiles recommended that he have two root canals and crowns put in. No discussion was made concerning less-invasive and (by thousands of dollars) less expensive options.

Are doctors the new mechanics? 

Do you remember how a few decades ago local news programs were doing bits on how mechanics would recommend you get a new transmission even if your car only needed a tune up? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening in the medical field right now with unscrupulous corporate chain health care providers. These Burger King-style health care clinics offer services to low-income people who typically have state insurance like Medicare or Medicaid. Since these folks never see a bill, they have no idea how much they’re being charged. Many of them will figure that the most aggressive treatment is the best. Generally speaking, the most aggressive treatment is not the best unless other treatments have proven ineffective. Recommending a more aggressive treatment than would be necessary will generally place the patient in more danger than they need to be to correct that problem. But the procedure is more expensive.

Now, with a death count higher than some serial killers, Kool Smiles continues to offer pulpectomies to infants, even after submitting false claims to the DOJ. Kool Smiles has now changed its name in Mississippi and Arkansas to avoid any association with infants who died under their care. They are now called Sunnybrook Dentistry, in case you’re interested in sending your child for a pulpectomy.

At any rate, it’s important to know that vulture companies like these raid public insurance at the expense of their patients and occasionally with tragic consequences. For parents, researching your options before you choose a dental clinic is extremely important.

Talk to a Roanoke, VA Medical Malpractice Attorney 

There are a lot of bad actors out there in the medical field and many of them are under increased pressure to generate revenue after significant losses due to COVID. MichieHamlett hopes you never have to go through what these parents went through, but we can help you hold bad actors accountable for their negligence and self-serving practice of medicine. Call our Roanoke medical malpractice attorneys today to schedule a free consultation and we can discuss your case today.





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