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Virginia Attorneys > Blog > General > MichieHamlett Attorneys at Law Statement on Racial Equality

MichieHamlett Attorneys at Law Statement on Racial Equality

We at MichieHamlett have watched with horror the numerous instances of racial violence and social injustice, fully aware that while recent they are not new. We have watched with awe the brave women, men, and children across the nation who have stood peacefully in the face of inequality and spoken truth to power.

Like so many others, we ask what we can do better both within our organization and in our community. Words alone fall short, and we recognize that it is far more important for us to listen and act. Our demands for justice mean nothing if we do not work for justice. So we vow to use our position as legal professionals to stand with those in need and work to realize the promise of equal rights under the law. As we strive for unity for our whole community, we say to those suffering the effects of institutionalized racism that we not only see and hear you, but that we will uphold our commitment to ensure that you are seen and heard. 

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