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Virginia Attorneys > Blog > Medical Malpractice > MichieHamlett Receives Five Of The Top Million-Dollar Settlements Of 2020

MichieHamlett Receives Five Of The Top Million-Dollar Settlements Of 2020


Each year, Virginia Lawyers Weekly releases Virginia’s top settlements and verdicts. This year, MichieHamlett was featured five times in that list for settlements in excess of $1 million. Below, we’ll discuss our largest verdicts of 2020.

MichieHamlett Wins $3.5 Million After Student Death 

Attorneys Ben and Brian Glass along with Brian Slaughter, and Kyle McNew helped secure a $3.5 million settlement after a 10-year-old student was crushed to death by a motorized partition at school.

The 10-year-old was asked by a teacher to help operate a partition that separated two rooms. The teacher was giving directions from the next room over. The student could not hear her so he placed his head on the partition. When the partition was activated, it trapped the child’s head resulting in massive head trauma and later death.

MichieHamlett filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the school and the companies that engineered the motorized partition and component parts. The plaintiffs were able to recover $2 million from the school in an initial round of litigation. MichieHamlett later secured an additional $3.5 million from various parties.

MichieHamlett Secures $2 Million After Child Dies at School 

Attorneys Bryan Slaughter, and Kyle McNew of Charlottesville teamed up with Benjamin W. Glass II and James Abrenio of Arlington to secure a $2 million verdict after a 9-year-old child was crushed by a motorized partition at school.

The soundproof partition separated the gym from the music room. The child was killed after he was invited by a teacher to operate the gym-side power control. As he did so, Wesley leaned his head into a gap in the partition. As the partition opened, the last panel folded toward the wall creating a deadly pinch point.

The child’s death led to claims against various county employees responsible for implementing safety policies and supervising children. A lawsuit was also filed against the companies responsible for designing, manufacturing, distributing, and installing the partition.

The plaintiffs made allegations of negligence and gross negligence in the performance of a ministerial duty against the county defendants. No agreement was reached in mediation, however, the case settled with the county defendants several weeks later.

MichieHamlett Secures $1.7 Million After Misdiagnosed Heart Condition 

Attorneys Anthony M “Tony” Russel of Roanoke and attorneys Les S. Bowers of Charlottesville helped secure a $1.7 million settlement in a medical malpractice lawsuit after doctors failed to act on an abnormal electrocardiogram. The defendants performed two EKGs on the defendant both of which provided abnormal readings—an indicator that the plaintiff was developing a heart attack. AI-driven computers reported the same. However, after an employee showed the EKG to a supervising doctor, the doctor countermanded the AI’s recommendation and concluded that the EKGs showed a normal variant—not signs of cardiac distress.

Instead, the patient was diagnosed with “epigastric” abdominal pain and discharged with a prescription for Protonix, a drug known to increase the risk of heart attacks. The patient went home thinking he had bloating but two days later, he suffered a massive heart attack which led to his death. The case was resolved confidentially for $1.7 million.

MichieHamlett Secures $1.3 Million for Woman Injured by Surgeon 

The doctor told the plaintiff that there was possible pseudarthrosis following her first procedure and that the doctor would need to perform a second surgery to fix it. The doctor also told the plaintiff that she would need to expand the fusion. The doctor removed and revised a previous fusion even though radiology scans indicated that there was no pseudarthrosis.

Three months after, the doctor told the patient she may require a second revision surgery. The doctor said that although radiology showed stable plate fixation and her pain had improved, that this procedure was necessary. It was during this surgery that the plaintiff sustained life-altering injuries.

The plaintiff alleged that the defendant caused a spinal cord injury during the final surgery. The plaintiff was left with a neurological deficit that included signs of Brown-Sequard syndrome. The plaintiff also experienced a postoperative cerebrospinal fluid leak. This became the basis for the defendant to perform yet another surgery.

The plaintiff now experiences chronic neurological symptoms including pain, numbness, and weakness. Her injuries left her unable to perform her job costing her past and future earnings in excess of $1 million.

MichieHamlett Secures $1.2 Million for Stroke Injury During Cardiac Catheterization 

Attorneys Tony Russel and Les Bowers secured a $1.2 million settlement after a patient was injured during a cardiac catheterization procedure. The plaintiff alleged that the surgeon improperly attached an air-filled syringe to the wrong catheter. The surgeon then injected air into the patient’s radial artery causing a stroke.

As a result of the injury, the plaintiff required HBO (or hyperbaric oxygen). The hospital did not have an HBO chamber. Miraculously, the patient recovered and was able to return to work. However, he has some ongoing problems that reduce his quality of life.

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