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Virginia Attorneys > Blog > Independent internal investigations > Neutral Third-Party Investigations and Bullying in the Workplace

Neutral Third-Party Investigations and Bullying in the Workplace


Allegations of bullying in the workplace can cause major problems for employers. As reports of bullying behavior and hostile conduct in the workplace are increasing, so is the need for independent internal investigations. Without knowing when, where, and how bullying is occurring, employers cannot remedy the conduct and prevent it from happening in the future. While many third-party investigators follow well-established procedures for sexual harassment complaints, bullying complaints should be treated differently. A third-party investigator must carefully interview witnesses who may have heightened and competing emotions. It is vital that the investigator ask the right questions and build trust to elicit honest answers. An experienced third-party investigation can root out any long-standing history, and ignore rumors and gossip, to identify the true cause of a problem in the workplace.

Contact: Rhonda Quagliana (https://www.michiehamlett.com/team/rhonda-quagliana/)

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