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Virginia Attorneys > Blog > Campus Misconduct Investigation > Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Campus Misconduct or Title IX Investigation

Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Campus Misconduct or Title IX Investigation


Should I hire my own attorney for a Title IX or sexual misconduct matter? Yes. Your college or university will sometimes provide students with an advisor. But the school’s advisor will not represent you like an attorney of your choosing. A qualified attorney will protect your interests and fight for your rights from start to finish. In some campus discipline proceedings, you have the right to cross-examine your accuser. It is important to hire an attorney with experience and skills to conduct an effective cross examination. Unlike a school’s advisor, your attorney will zealously represent you from start to finish.

Can I be expelled from school for a Title IX or sexual misconduct matter? Depending on the severity of the allegations, colleges and universities routinely discipline students up to and including expulsion. Virginia law also mandates a permanent notation on a student’s transcript to document that an expulsion resulted from allegations of sexual misconduct. You should consult with an experienced attorney about the consequences of a Title IX complaint and investigation.

Could I get charged with a crime? It is not unusual for someone accused of a Title IX violation to also be investigated by the police for potential criminal charges. Sometimes, the school will pause its investigation while law enforcement interview witnesses and gather evidence. The information obtained in a Title IX investigation may be used against you in a criminal case, and vice versa. You should consult with an attorney with experience handling companion Title IX and criminal investigations to ensure your rights are fully protected.

How do I tell my side of the story? While schools promise to conduct a thorough investigation, they often don’t live up to that promise. Evidence may be overlooked and never collected, such as exonerating surveillance video. There is no substitute for having an experienced Title IX defense attorney with the knowledge and resources to investigate your case and ensure that favorable evidence is gathered on your behalf. An experienced attorney works with private investigators and experts to fully defend your case.

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