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Vascular Clinic Targeted For Medical Malpractice, Unnecessary Procedures


A popular vascular clinic chain is the target of several medical malpractice lawsuits including allegations that they performed unnecessary procedures to upsell patients on costly surgeries. One woman had to have her leg amputated as a result of their services. Others claimed they woke up during surgery. A local vascular surgeon said that the company staffs no actual vascular surgeons and instead has a team of interventional radiologists. Is this another example of the U.S. health care system defrauding and injuring patients? Or are litigation-happy patients suing for every tiny thing that goes wrong? In this article, we’ll discuss the allegations.

The battle of vascular clinics 

A doctor interviewed to give his opinion on the topic said that he saw several patients who had come from the health care chain. In his opinion, many of the patients had negative outcomes or procedures were performed on them that the doctor said they didn’t need. The health care chain responded by accusing the doctor of trying to steal their patients. The doctor responded that, in the entire time that the vascular health care center has been active, he has never wanted for patients.

The clinic in question says that they aren’t facing an inordinate amount of medical malpractice cases for a chain of their size. However, large medical services chains operate on a business-first mentality, and with investors, their fiduciary duties are split between those investors and their patients. The investors want the clinic to be as successful as possible and make as much money as possible. The patients want the best care they can get.

The clinic being sued prides itself on preventing amputations for patients. Vascular surgery is generally performed in a hospital setting, but today, there is a turf war brewing between vascular surgeons who operate in a hospital setting and preventative medicine doctors who try to prevent those amputations.

This is starting to sound ugly 

Yes. On the one hand, you have vascular surgeons accusing modern preventative doctors of performing unnecessary surgeries on patients, while the preventative medicine doctors are claiming the vascular surgeons cash in off of diabetic-related amputations. Part of the question is whether or not these new modern vascular centers are providing the right kind of care for their patients. The advertisement reads that they will help you cut costs related to medical care and prevent the loss of fingers and limbs related to diabetes and other conditions.

Meanwhile, the vascular clinic is facing at least one medical malpractice lawsuit filed by a woman who says she woke up during surgery, suffered excruciating pain after surgery, and required the amputation of her leg in spite of the surgery.

Talk to a Roanoke, VA Medical Malpractice Attorney 

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