Virginia Law Foundation and Virginia CLE Dedicate "Contract Law In Virginia" to John V. Little

As an enduring legacy to his dedication to the legal profession and his commitment to legal education, John Little was the editor and contributing author to the Virginia CLE publication “Contract Law in Virginia” which just published its 2020 edition.

Virginia CLE dedicated this edition to John. John dedicated his contributions to the publication to his beloved wife, Tara,and their children, Liza and Johnny. David Thomas (and in prior editions Ed Lowry) also authored a chapter of the book.

The latest edition published following John’s passing included this tribute to John from Jim Cox:

In Memoriam

John V. Little




As he was finalizing his review of the sixth edition of this publication, John V. Little, the longtime editor and contributing author to Contract Law in Virginia, sadly died unexpectedly.  The practice of law and the Virginia Law Foundation and the Virginia CLE have lost a true friend and an exemplary professional and volunteer. His dedication and devotion to this comprehensive handbook over the years is immeasurable. John recognized that area of the law likely affects more Virginia practitioners more than contract law and he developed and oversaw an educational resource that is accessible and useful to both attorneys specializing in complex contract situation and those who sought a basic understanding of a contract issue.


Although modest and quiet, John was widely admired for his scholarship, expertise, thoroughness, clarity of thought and devotion and dedication to his clients. John's writing style was clear and concise, and he always sought to make his documents and communications understandable for both attorneys and lay persons. John made sure that this publication emphasized that these qualities are essential in drafting any contract.


John was a true gentleman in all the best attributes that word encompasses. John's partners, associates and staff loved him for his fundamental goodness, caring spirit, humility and loyalty.    As a mentor at our law firm, John was without peer in thoroughly and patiently training and education attorneys both young and old. All his colleagues at his law firm personally benefited from his mentorship not to mention his kindness and friendship.


Anyone who knew John would know he would think this tribute unnecessary and a breach of his cardinal tenet to be brief and reserved. Anyone who knew John would also know that this tribute can never fully express the full measure of the man and the heartbreak we all feel in his passing.


James P. Cox, III

MichieHamlett, PLLC

December, 2019