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At MichieHamlett, our brain injury attorneys understand that recovering from a severe brain injury takes vigilance, perseverance, patience, and faith, both for the victim and the victim’s family. Contact us today for caring and conscientious legal help for your brain injury. Every year about 2 million Americans sustain head and brain injuries that result in permanent impairments which will affect their ability to perform and interact at work, school, and in their social and family lives. Work routines and pastimes that were once second nature become strange and difficult after a brain injury occurs. And in addition to the immediate impact a brain injury can have on one’s ability to interact and communicate, it’s long-term effects increase the risk of acquiring crippling neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and post-traumatic dementia.

Bringing Hope to Tragedies

Traumatic brain injury is also called acquired brain injury, and occurs when a sudden trauma causes damage to the brain. A traumatic brain injury can be focal or diffuse. Focal injuries are confined to one area of the brain, while diffuse brain injuries will affect several areas of the brain. Head injuries are usually referred to as either “open” or “closed.” A closed injury occurs when the head suddenly and violently hits an object but the object does not break through the skull. A penetrating injury occurs when an object pierces the skull and enters and damages brain tissue. Both types of injury can be severe and life-altering, both for the brain injury victim and the victim’s family.

Truck accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents:

The leading causes of TBI

Traumatic brain injuries often occur in car wrecks, motorcycle, and truck accidents, but can also be a result of household accidents, pool accidents, and boating and sporting accidents. They can also occur in conjunction with spinal cord injuries and neck injuries, and other injuries that fall under personal injury law. While the medical community’s knowledge of the way the human brain functions has come a long way, an accepted methodology of healing and repairing an injured brain remains in large part a guessing game of wait-and-see.

Sadly, in today’s world, waiting and seeing can be incredibly expensive for brain injury victims and their families. When it comes to a brain injury, obtaining an adequate insurance settlement that reflects not merely the cost of living with the brain injury, but also the cost of aggressively pursuing partial or full recovery from the brain injury, is no simple matter. To avoid large pay-outs, typical insurance companies arm themselves with skilled and relentless attorneys prepared to fight for every cent of your insurance settlement. If you’re left with only a fraction of what you truly deserve, then these attorneys consider it a job well done.

At MichieHamlett, our brain injury attorneys understand that recovering from a severe brain injury takes vigilance, perseverance, patiencem and faith, both for the victim and the victim’s family. In most cases, recovery also requires a great deal of money. Depending on the extent of your injury, long-term recovery of a brain injury can require regular care from upwards of ten different types of medical specialists, each essential to the brain injury victim’s overall care and recovery. In many cases, round-the-clock care may be necessary, along with regular therapy, doctor and hospital visits, specially-equipped transportation vehicles, and access ramps in the home to fully accommodate a brain injury victim.

Have no doubt. Insurance companies know the costs that can be associated with a brain injury or traumatic brain injury, and they will go to any lengths to avoid them. When a brain injury or other traumatic injury occurs, their goal is to get you to accept a settlement as early after the accident as possible. The less time that goes by, the less time you have to investigate and confirm the possibility and extent of a brain injury. The less you know about your loved one’s injury, the less you’ll accept. That is the sinister rationale of the typical insurance company when it comes to brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries.

During what is always the dark and uncertain time immediately following a traumatic brain injury, families should be totally involved in the care, concern, and prayers for their injured relative and loved one. It’s not a time anyone wants to make critical and often uninformed decisions about money. At MichieHamlett, our brain injury attorneys get involved early in the process on our clients’ behalf, advising our clients of every option, and demanding from insurance companies respect, dignity, and above all, reasonable compensation for our clients’ injuries.

Through many years of tort representation in brain and traumatic injury cases, MichieHamlett brain injury attorneys have ensured that insurance companies treat our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. If you are facing tough decisions over what to do for the insurance about a loved one with a brain injury, please contact an attorney. If you want a team of attorneys who can help you and your family make the best out of a tragic situation, contact the MichieHamlett Personal Injury Group today.