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Richmond Anesthesia Errors Attorney

Anesthesia errors are typically a result of an error in judgment or a lack of communication between the healthcare professionals in an operating room. Regardless of the reason for the mistake, anesthesia errors result in some of the most serious injuries and sometimes, even wrongful death. Many people think that anesthesia errors are always the fault of the anesthesiologist, but that is not true. Doctors and nurses are sometimes also responsible. A Richmond Anesthesia Errors Attorney will identify the liable parties and hold them accountable for paying the damages patients deserve.

Why Do Anesthetic Errors Happen?

Anesthesia is necessary when patients visit a surgery center, hospital, or doctor’s office for certain procedures. This medicine is important, as it prevents patients from experiencing pain during an operation. When anesthesia is administered, it is important that a healthcare professional monitors the patient’s vital signs so they can take action when there is an issue. For example, a patient may require additional medication if there is a problem with their blood pressure.

When healthcare professionals do not properly monitor patients or they do not take the appropriate action, problems can arise. Sometimes, it may put the patient at risk for a life-threatening injury. Procedures that happen in outpatient settings, such as cosmetic procedures, are more likely to result in anesthesia errors because healthcare professionals in these settings often do not have medication on hand to counteract the anesthesia.

Types of Anesthesia Errors

Anesthetic errors occur for a number of reasons. The most common of these include:

  • Failing to realize a patient is allergic to a certain anesthetic
  • Failing to recognize a certain type of anesthetic will negatively interact with medications the patient is taking
  • Failure to tell patients what they can eat or drink before surgery
  • Administering the wrong type of anesthetic
  • Administering too little or too much anesthesia
  • Failing to properly monitor the patient’s vital signs after administering anesthesia

All of the above anesthesia errors are types of medical malpractice. When patients are harmed by these mistakes, they can hold healthcare professionals liable for any damages they sustain.

Injuries Caused by Anesthesia Errors

There are a number of potential injuries a person may incur due to anesthesia errors. The most common of these are as follows:

  • Patients may wake up during a procedure, which is painful and traumatic
  • Asphyxia, when oxygen is not properly administered
  • Brain injuries
  • Stroke
  • Memory loss
  • Cardiovascular issues, such as a heart attack
  • Coma
  • Wrongful death

No one should ever suffer these injuries simply because they needed a medical procedure. A Richmond medical malpractice lawyer can help patients that have been harmed make things right.

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If you have been hurt due to an anesthesia error, or if you have lost a loved one, our Richmond medical malpractice lawyers can assist with your case. At MichieHamlett, we know how to hold healthcare professionals responsible for their negligent actions so you recover the maximum damages you deserve. Call us today at (434) 951-7200 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

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