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Richmond Medication Errors Attorney

Medication errors are a serious issue that have very harmful consequences for the victim, even when the error is due to a small oversight. There are some medication errors that are particularly common in Virginia, and they are entirely preventable. It is important that victims of medication errors know what they can do to prevent medication errors, and how to pursue damages when they have suffered harm as a result of this type of negligence. A Richmond medical malpractice lawyer can help injured individuals recover the full damages they deserve.

Common Medication Errors

Some of the most common medication errors are as follows:

  • Complications due to allergies: These mistakes occur when a doctor knows a patient is allergic to certain medications, but they prescribe them anyway.
  • Interactions with medications: Medications regularly interact with each other and sometimes, that can cause harm to a patient. Doctors are expected to fully review all medications the patient is taking to ensure the one they prescribe will not cause complications.
  • Pharmaceutical filling error: Sometimes a doctor may prescribe the right medication but when the pharmacy receives the prescription, they fill the bottle with the wrong medicine.
  • Dosage/printing error: In other cases, the pharmacy may prescribe the right medication but include the wrong dosage on the bottle. This can result in the patient taking too much or too little of a medication.

Any time a patient suffers from any of these common medication mistakes, they should speak to a Virginia medical malpractice lawyer that can advise on their case.

Tips for Preventing Medication Errors

Patients may not think there is anything they can do about medication errors, but that is not true. Patients can advocate for themselves by:

  • Maintaining an accurate and up to date record of all medications they have taken in the past and that they are currently taking
  • Researching the medications that include ingredients they are allergic to
  • Letting their pharmacist know about the medications they are currently taking, including over-the-counter drugs
  • Telling multiple family members about the medications they are taking so if there are complications, they can relay that information to the paramedics
  • Asking their doctor why a certain medication is being prescribed, and what the side effects are
  • Calling their doctor to verify the dosage before they take a medication

Patients are often not used to advocating for themselves when it comes to their health and medications. Unfortunately, doctors are not immune to making mistakes and so, it is necessary.

A Virginia Medication Error Lawyer Can Help with Your Case

If you have been hurt after taking the wrong drug or the inaccurate dosage of a drug, our medication error lawyer in Richmond is here to help. At MichieHamlett, our experienced attorneys can determine whether a doctor or pharmacy was responsible for the mistake, and hold them liable for paying the maximum damages you deserve. Call us today at (434) 951-7200 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers and to learn more about how we can help.

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