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Richmond Title IX Defense Attorney

All educational institutions or activities that receive federal funding from the Department of Education must adhere to the 1972 law passed by Congress known as Title IX. Title IX is frequently thought of when it comes to equal funding towards women’s sports, but it also applies more broadly to prevent any discrimination against sex. When charges are brought up for sexual harassment, sexual assault, or any other sexual misconduct, these cases fall under Title IX. If you have been accused of a Title IX violation, it is important you seek legal counsel from an experienced Richmond Title IX defense attorney.

Examples of Title IX Violations

  • A school offers baseball for their male students, but no softball and is trying to prevent one of their female students from joining the baseball team;
  • Educators being unfairly treated in the workplace because of their gender;
  • Students being harassed because or their sex or sexual orientation;
  • College rape; and
  • More.

Who Handles a Title IX Claim?

Title IX claims are reported to the institution. Each institution has either a Title IX investigator or, as is the case with many universities, an entire Title IX office. All parties are notified of the complaint and an investigation begins. During this time there may be interim changes made to protect individuals, such as housing changes or a “no contact” order to protect the accuser. The defendant will be required to provide a written statement or be otherwise interviewed for their account of events. Other witnesses may be asked to provide statements as well. Once the investigation is complete, the complaint goes to a hearing panel or to the Title IX coordinator, who makes a final determination on the case.

Potential Outcomes of a Title IX Violation

Potential outcomes vary depending on what institution the violation occurs at, the severity of the violation, and the person who is being found guilty. Common resolutions include suspension or expulsion from the program, academic probation, inability to play on the sports teams, loss of funding, loss of scholarship, and the potential for criminal charges to be brought up. Regardless of the outcome, it is almost guaranteed to interfere with the plans you have for the future which is why having a strong defense in your Title iX case is critical.

Contact a Title IX Defense Attorney If You Have Been Accused of a Violation

Know Your IX reports that between 2-10 percent of all rapes are false reports. Other accusations of Title IX violations can also be inaccurate or attack the wrong person in attempts to quickly administer justice. Those who have been rightfully charged still deserve due process and should seek legal counsel who can ensure the process unfolds fairly and all the documentation is out in the open. At MichieHamlett, our Richmond Title IX defense attorneys understand that your future is at stake and work diligently on your behalf so that your rights are protected. Contact our offices today to schedule your free consultation.

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