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Richmond Unnecessary Invasive Tests Attorney

Patients rely on doctors to make an accurate diagnosis when they are sick. To do that, doctors may need to perform certain tests or medical procedures. Sometimes, those tests are invasive. Even though unpleasant, people assume the tests and procedures their doctor orders are necessary and so, they consent to them. However, sometimes those tests are unnecessary and doctors order them only so they can bill the patient’s insurance company.

In these instances, patients can hold doctors liable for paying any damages they have sustained as a result of the unnecessary testing. A Richmond unnecessary invasive tests attorney can help patients recover the maximum damages they deserve.

The Danger of Unnecessary Testing

Unnecessary testing may sound harmless enough, but it is not. Performing unnecessary tests or procedures places a patient’s overall health at risk. While doctors test for illnesses and conditions the patient does not have, they may miss the actual sickness the patient is suffering from. Additionally, multiple needle punctures, colonoscopies, and blood transfusions all increase the patient’s risk of injuries and infections that could greatly affect the patient’s life. Sometimes, the complications that result from unnecessary testing could even be fatal.

Common Unnecessary Tests

Doctors must make sound decisions when determining which procedures and tests patients need. However, recent studies have found that certain tests are commonly ordered without cause. The most common unnecessary tests ordered include:

  • X-rays
  • CT scans
  • Heart screening tests
  • Endoscopies
  • Colonoscopies
  • MRI scans
  • Throat cultures
  • Imaging tests, particularly for headaches
  • Breast exams
  • Frequent PAP smears
  • Ultrasounds
  • Blood tests

Sometimes these tests cause unnecessary pain for the patient. In some cases, patients may also have to quickly change their lifestyle. Some patients may even have to miss work just to undergo a test their doctor ordered for their own financial benefit.

Why Do Doctors Order Unnecessary Tests?

Doctors order unnecessary tests for a number of reasons. Sometimes, doctors order these tests because they are being overly cautious and they want to learn as much information about the patient as they can. That is a legitimate reason for ordering unnecessary tests. Unfortunately, sometimes these tests are ordered just to financially benefit the doctor or the hospital they work for. In these cases, tests are ordered for the following reasons:

  • The doctor wants to increase the amount they can bill to the insurance company
  • The hospital is low on cash flow
  • The doctor does not have proper diagnostic skills
  • The doctor would rather perform tests than review a patient’s medical history or listen to the patient’s symptoms.

Compensation Available for Unnecessary Tests

Patients that are subjected to unnecessary tests can file a claim against a doctor or hospital for the following damages:

After reviewing your case, a Virginia medical malpractice lawyer can advise on the full damages you deserve.

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If you have been subjected to unnecessary tests and have suffered harm as a result, our medical malpractice lawyers in Richmond can help. At MichieHamlett, we are passionate about helping patients that have been harmed by the doctors they trust, and we want to put our experience to work for you, too. Call us today at (434) 951-7200 to learn more about how we can help with your case.

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