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Virginia Attorneys > Roanoke Appellate Attorney 

Roanoke Appellate Attorney 

While there may be multiple parties involved with a Virginia lawsuit, the facts are that there are basically two sides and one is going to be dissatisfied with the final outcome. It sometimes makes sense to simply move forward after suffering disappointment, but there are times when critical errors were behind an adverse result. Under the circumstances, you may opt to seek justice by taking your case to the Court of Appeals of Virginia for review of what transpired at the trial level.

However, the complexities of the appellate process are even more pronounced as compared to trial. An entirely separate set of laws and procedural rules apply, and the types of relief you may gain for a win or loss may not be what you expect. Therefore, it is wise to trust the MichieHamlett Law Firm for assistance with appeals. Please contact our firm today to schedule a case review with a Roanoke appellate attorney, and read on for a legal summary.

Overview of the Appeals Process in Virginia

In short, an appeal is the legal process of requesting a higher court to review the decisions made by the trial court judge. The appellant, the party seeking appeal, initiates the process by filing a Notice of Appeal along with basic information about how the lower court erred. The appellee is the other party, taking the position that the trial court decision was proper and the relief requested by the appellant should be denied. Other points to note include:

  • An appeal does not re-try the case or address questions of fact; the proceeding is specifically intended to resolve mistakes and misapplication of law by the trial judge.
  • After initiating the appeal, the appellant will prepare a more detailed brief regarding the legal error and how it should be resolved. The appellee has the opportunity to respond with its own brief. The appeals court may also hear oral arguments on the relevant issues.
  • The only evidence the appeals court considers is the trial transcript, which includes the testimony and exhibits presented at trial. The appellate court will not review additional evidence or hear witness testimony.

Solid Legal Representation is Essential for Virginia Appeals

The MichieHamlett Law Firm has extensive experience advocating on behalf of appellants and appellees, and our efforts to protect your interests may even start during the trial process as we preserve issues for appeal. Our Roanoke appeals attorneys are skilled at researching the legal issues and preparing ironclad briefs in support of your position. We are also adept at oral arguments, answering questions, providing additional information, and convincing appeals judges to side in your favor.

Consult with a Roanoke Appellate Lawyer About Your Options

Though this overview of Virginia appeals is useful, there are many details and requirements that could affect your interests. Our team at the MichieHamlett Law Firm is skilled in the appellate process, so we are prepared to advise you and advocate on your behalf. To learn more, please call 434-951-7200 or visit our website to set up a consultation.

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