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Roanoke Construction Litigation Attorney

Construction projects involve a lot of moving parts in terms of people and equipment as well legal obligations. So it is not uncommon for a dispute to arise between an owner, contractor, subcontractor, or the other parties involved in a project. Given the inherent complexity of construction contracts, your first step if you are one of the affected individuals or companies is to speak with a qualified Roanoke construction litigation attorney.

At MichieHamlett, our experienced attorneys can help you with a wide range of legal problems related to the construction industry. This includes enforcing your rights under a contract and defending your interests against potential claims made by other parties. Even if you are looking to resolve a disagreement through alternative means, such as mediation or arbitration, we can still provide professional counsel to ensure your interests are respected throughout the process.

Dealing with Defects, Delays, and Contractual Breaches in Construction Projects

Every construction project carries some degree of risk. That is why project owners typically require surety bonds to ensure all of the contractors and subcontractors involved will deliver on their contractual obligations. Even with such guarantees, however, litigation may still follow. Some of the more common types of construction claims we assist clients with include:

  • Construction defects – If there is a failure in any part of a building project, from a cracked foundation to a leaking roof, a contractor or subcontractor may face a claim for a construction defect. Such defects may also extend to the design and planning of the project itself.
  • Breach of contract – If any party fails to perform any of its performance obligations under a construction contract, the injured party may file a breach of contract claim.
  • Construction delays – A construction project may not be completed on time for many reasons. Depending on the circumstances, one party may owe damages for any such delays caused by their own actions or as required by the terms of the construction contract.
  • Mechanic’s liens – Any licensed contractor or subcontractor that furnishes labor, equipment, or materials to a construction project valued at $150 or more to a construction project may file a mechanic’s lien to ensure payment. Such liens must follow very strict rules in order to be enforceable under Virginia law.
  • Miller Act claims – Traditional mechanic’s liens do not apply to public projects. But the federal Miller Act–and its Virginia counterpart, known as the “Little Miller Act”–provide similar protections by requiring a contractor to furnish payment and performance bonds for any public construction contract exceeding $100,000.

Contact MichieHamlett Attorneys at Law Today

Nobody goes into a construction project expecting delays, defects, or other problems. But at the same time, construction professionals understand that such problems can and do arise for a variety of reasons. If you are caught in this situation, it is important to work with a skilled Roanoke construction litigation attorney who has the knowledge and experience to help you through this process.

So if you need legal advice and representation in a construction-related matter, contact MichieHamlett today to schedule a consultation.

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