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Roanoke Emergency Room Error Attorney

When you require immediate medical attention, there is no time to research medical professionals, you simply get to the emergency room as soon and as safely as possible. We trust the doctors, nurses, and staff within an emergency room to properly assess our injuries and begin initial treatment for them. When we put our health in their hands, we do so because we believe these medical professionals will help us on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, medical malpractice can occur in emergency rooms and errors made in the intense moments of the emergency room can lead to permanent disability or even death. According to Science Daily, medical errors result in 250,000 American deaths annually. If you received inadequate care in a hospital emergency room, it is time to speak with a knowledgeable Roanoke medical malpractice attorney.

Common Emergency Room Errors

  • Giving patients the wrong dose or wrong type of medication;
  • Misreading lab results or imaging;
  • Discharging a patient when they still require monitoring;
  • Failing to see a patient in a reasonable time frame;
  • Ignoring a patient’s concerns or symptoms;
  • Failure to properly clean a wound leading to infection;
  • Surgery errors;
  • Misdiagnosis; and
  • More.

According to ReferralMD, about 80 percent of all serious medical errors involve miscommunication during care transitions. This means that an error is more likely to occur if you are in the emergency room during staff transitions or you have to be sent from the emergency room to a surgery, intensive care, or standard hospital bed because all of the scenarios include a change of medical staff. Communication between the medical staff and the patient can also become more difficult if the patient is not fully coherent. Trauma patients frequently arrive at the hospital in an ambulance and may not even be conscious to relay symptoms.

Proving Wrongdoing in an Emergency Room Visitation

Many hospitals are part of larger networks and have powerful insurance companies protecting them against liability. Proving that an error occurred during an emergency room visit that further injured or impaired a patient can require a detailed investigation and strong legal representation. A skilled attorney will help collect medical records and recreate what happened during the course of treatment. We can also enlist the expertise of medical professionals to help prove that the treatment was faulty. Once the claim is filed, we advocate on behalf of the patient so that they get the compensation they deserve given the burden of their additional injuries. Compensation can include:

  • Lost wages;
  • Medical care;
  • Disfigurement or disability;
  • Lost wages and earning potential;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress; and
  • More.

Contact an Emergency Room Errors Attorney in Roanoke

If you or a loved one is suffering unnecessarily because of an emergency room error that was made, it is important to speak with a qualified Roanoke emergency room errors attorney from MichieHamlett. We can help investigate your case to prove liability and fight on your behalf for compensation. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

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