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Roanoke Postoperative Infections Attorney

Undergoing a surgical procedure can be distressing, but you should be able to expect and anticipate that you will receive a high level of care from your surgeon and the rest of your healthcare team whether you are having a routine operation or a more urgent procedure. While many operations go smoothly and patients recover without any complications, some patients develop postoperative infections while they are in the hospital or other healthcare facility recovering, or while they are home recovering and following a doctor’s orders. In some cases, postoperative infections result from medical negligence, and it may be possible to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the negligent healthcare provider.

If you developed a postoperative infection after undergoing a surgical procedure, you should seek advice from one of our Roanoke postoperative infections attorney about the possibility of filing a claim for financial compensation.

What Are Postoperative Infections in Roanoke?

Postoperative infections, which are often known as surgical site infections, can occur after a surgical procedure. In some cases, patients develop postoperative infections because of a healthcare provider’s negligent care.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the likelihood of developing a surgical site infection is only between 1 percent and 3 percent, but these kinds of infections do occur. In most cases, a postoperative infection will develop within 30 days after the surgical procedure. There are three different kinds of postoperative surgical site infections, and they can vary in terms of severity:

  • Superficial surgical site infection, which typically occurs only in the skin area around the site of the surgery and can typically be treated quickly;
  • Deep incisional surgical site infection, which occurs “beneath the incision area in muscle and the tissues surrounding the muscles,” according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, and typically requires at least an antibiotic for treatment (and potentially follow-up care); and
  • Organ or space surgical site infection, which “can be in any area of the body other than skin, muscle, and surrounding tissue that was involved in the surgery,” including organs or the space between a person’s organs. This type of surgical site infection may require extensive treatment from a healthcare provider and can, in some cases, be life-threatening.

Signs of a Roanoke Postoperative or Surgical Site Infection

The signs or symptoms of a surgical site or postoperative infection will vary depending upon the type of infection and its location. Generally speaking, however, Johns Hopkins Medicine identifies the following as common signs and symptoms to look for:

  • Significant redness or pus from the site of the surgical incision or wound;
  • Wound site reopens, with or without pus around the wound area;
  • Collection of pus, known as an abscess, in the skin or around the tissue;
  • Fever; and/or
  • Pain.

Causes of Postoperative Infections in Roanoke

Postoperative or surgical site infections can have different causes. In some cases, a healthcare provider is not responsible because the patient failed to follow postoperative guidance, or failed to obtain follow-up care. In other scenarios, however, a healthcare provider may be at fault. Risks for a postoperative infection include but are not limited to:

  • Contaminated wound (in which the wound is contaminated during the surgical procedure);
  • Dirty wound (in which an infection was already present at the time of the surgical procedure);
  • Failing to care for the wound properly after the surgical procedure;
  • Lengthy surgical procedure that lasts more than two hours;
  • Underlying medical conditions;
  • Being overweight;
  • Smoking tobacco products; and/or
  • Being elderly.

Contact a Postoperative Infections Attorney in Roanoke

Do you need assistance determining whether you have a postoperative infection claim? One of our Roanoke postoperative infections attorneys can speak with you today. Contact MichieHamlett to learn more.

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