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Virginia Attorneys > Roanoke Urgent Care Malpractice Attorney

Roanoke Urgent Care Malpractice Attorney

Urgent care centers offer a convenient and quick way for a person to seek treatment if they are experiencing pain or a worsening of symptoms. Unfortunately, like any medical treatment, errors and negligence can occur in the urgent care setting. If you or a loved received care that led to further harm during an urgent care visit in Roanoke, it is time to speak with a malpractice attorney.

Urgent Care Instead Of Primary Care or the Emergency Room

According to Statista, there were 9,616 urgent care centers across the United States in 2019, which is an increase from 6,100 in 2013. Part of the reason for this boom is because patients are looking for less expensive healthcare options. According to Revere Health, the average urgent care visit costs between $100 and $200 while a visit to the emergency room could easily cost over $1,000 and a visit to a primary care doctor may require days-long wait. While each urgent care facility is equipped differently, many are able to perform blood tests, take x-rays, treat lacerations with stitches, and treat wounds or fractures from trauma. Urgent care facilities are in a unique spot because they do not see the patient’s full health history the way a primary care doctor would and they are not able to do the same extensive treatment that one would get in the care of an emergency department. It is critical that those who work in an urgent care do the appropriate tests and diagnostics to determine what the cause of concern is and then adequately treat the patient or send them to a hospital or specialist for further care.

Common Reasons for Urgent Care Malpractice Cases

  • Failure to provide an accurate diagnosis;
  • Not ordering the proper diagnostic tests or imaging;
  • Missing foreign bodies that are under the skin;
  • Misdiagnosis a patient;
  • Providing the wrong medicine;
  • Failing to provide follow-up instructions;
  • Lack of staffing meaning a patient doesn’t get treated; and
  • More.

The Health Problems that a Patient can Face after an Urgent Care Malpractice Case

Depending on what the initial health concerns were going into the urgent care and the cause of malpractice, patients who do not receive adequate treatment can face extensive medical bills, life-long disability, or even death. For instance, if a doctor fails to treat a blood clot, it could lead to the blood clot splitting off into the lung causing a pulmonary embolism. A skilled attorney can help determine where the level of care was inadequate if you have suffered more after an urgent care visit.

Contact a Roanoke Attorney at MichieHamlett

If you or a loved one has suffered further health consequences after an urgent care visit that failed to properly treat you, it is critical you speak with a skilled malpractice attorney to determine if you have a legal case. The Roanoke urgent care malpractice attorneys at MichieHamlett will advise you on your legal rights and assist you in collecting evidence so that you can prove malpractice and get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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