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Virginia Fractures Attorney

Broken bones are one of the most common injuries people suffer in accidents, but you may be shocked to learn how frequently they occur. According to WebMD, approximately six million people sustain fractures every year in the US. Experts estimate that you will break a bone twice during your lifetime, and the circumstances behind them are preventable. Virginia law protects your interests as a victim by enabling you to seek compensation from the responsible person or entity. However, the process can be complicated if you do not have a legal background.

At the MichieHamlett Law Firm, our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and extensive experience representing victims who suffer broken bones in an accident. We can handle the complex legal issues, allowing you to focus on recovering from your injuries. Please contact our office to set up a free case evaluation with a Virginia fractures attorney, and read on for some important information about your rights.

Accidents Cause Broken Bone Injuries

While the specific underlying causes may vary, negligence is usually behind injury-causing accidents, including incidents that cause bone fractures. To recover compensation in a case based upon negligence, you must prove four essential elements:

  1. The responsible party had a legal duty to exercise reasonable care;
  2. That person or entity breached the duty of care through careless or reckless acts;
  3. The breach of duty was the direct cause of the accident in which you suffered a broken bone, such that you would not have been hurt but for the breach; and,
  4. You sustained losses because of your broken bones.

Negligence is what causes most vehicle collisions, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, slip and falls, and many other incidents that lead to bone fractures.

You May Qualify for Monetary Damages

In most accident cases, your first step in the legal process is filing a claim with the responsible party’s insurance company. While this may seem as simple as filling out some forms, dealing with an insurer is challenging. The company seeks to protect its own financial interests, not yours. Your claim might be denied, or you could receive a lowball offer to settle. Under such circumstances, you will have to go to court to get fair compensation.

Our lawyers at the MichieHamlett Law Firm will be at your side throughout the legal process. We are aggressive in dealing with insurers, and we have extensive courtroom experience fighting on behalf of victims of bone fractures. Our goal is to obtain compensation for such losses as:

  • Medical costs, including surgery to repair broken bones;
  • Lost income;
  • Pain and suffering; and,
  • Many others.

Trust a Virginia Fractures Attorney to Protect Your Interests

While this summary may be helpful, it is no replacement for retaining skilled legal representation to assist with your options. To learn more about your rights and remedies after suffering a broken bone in an accident, please contact the MichieHamlett Law Firm. We can schedule a no-cost consultation with a Virginia fractures lawyer who can review your circumstances and determine next steps.

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